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Unread Message

Yazar: Aşkım Kapışmak Yayınevi: Nemesis Kitap

Unread Message

Tanıtım Bülteni
You will be surprised at how dirty your hands arewhile reading…The path of masseur Yusuf, who sees all the details of the past of everyone he touches with, crosses with singer Cemre, and the young man realizes that he cannot see her past. Her curiosity and interest in him turns into love over time. He starts performing massages on Cemre’s friends and learning their dark secrets. But love isn’t always enough to keep two people together. While Cemre’s secret addiction is making things harder between her and Yusuf, bad events begin to occur in the lives of Cemre’s friends. There is only one threshold to be crossed.Seven deadly sins...GluttonyArroganceAngerJealousyLazinessGreedLustWho’s good, who’s bad, who’s real, who’s a liar?The repressed unconscious, uncontrollable desires, sinful Saturday nights and our innocent childhood... Only your sins will decide whose side you are on when you read. Unread Message is a stunning fantasy-psychological novel written byAşkım Kapışmak.
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